Wednesday, September 28, 2005


There are things in life we can't understand,
Love being one, is neglected by some.
Often we seek, others would wait;
Man finds woman-woman craves man.
Fiery and exciting love is always awesome.
But love, sojourn is what we all can't take.

Of all things in life we find to amaze,
Being shot, love is all that great.
Love is elate, boon, and shake; but
It's something we cannot blaze.
Love is far, shy or won't bait?
Worry not; it's not certain you'd rot.

Jan Rheinold Amoyo
July 15, 2002

The Fire;

With grace and beauty, it flowed
Like river, mad and free.
As to the sun, so grand, it glowed;
Yet so gentle-just as I can be.

Brightly, in a scarlet flame it blazed.
From time of glint, it had been burning,
As wind blow, the more it raged;
So deep, so majestic, so warming.

Strong, yet still was faint,
In time, its flames had softened.
Dimmed as there was no taste
For gratitude of warmth it granted.

Once ablaze, now has gone-
From dancing flames, now frost abides.
Bare and forgotten, wish time will come
To flare the fire to which once resides.

Jan Rheinold Amoyo
February, 26 2003


I face this path with anxiety-
Something new; how sure can I be?
Oh, I've been here before,
And it frights me even more
To see myself with every step
I know consumes all I've kept.

Are my feet for me to direct?
When its wait has been stretched?
Should we linger-I'd sure perish;
No! All I wish is a journey to cherish.
How should I prepare?
Or, should I even care?

Where can this bring me?
Where I am is where I want to be.
Why am I even here?
Up ahead, I face all that I fear.
Well, maybe somewhere beyond;
There lies where I'd be fond.

Jan Rheinold Amoyo
December 16, 2003

An Encounter...

Beyond the clouds of hay,
Through the mist I wander.
No one else before has seen-
Of course, neither have I.
The sky dropped every trinket;
Falling through the blue, they flew.

Somehow afar the green,
Where every wish doesn't seem,
I cling… vines of grey hide me,
Purple perhaps-no-it doesn't matter.
Light won't shade my eyes on due-
And every tree, they shine on me.

Fields of red surround my eyes,
Tears won't come, won't hide, won't find…
Suddenly, lovely eyes gazed upon my misery;
Then, gentle hands helped me up-
Your eyes are bright as the ocean;
Your hands, tender as the sky.

You came at a time when fire is cold
And I've nothing more to hold.
When all flowers mean nothing,
Your presence is all I am.
And with this reason that you've made me smile-
I am yours to keep-forever.

Jan Rheinold Amoyo
December 18, 2003

A Knight's Fail

You can keep me in a castle
And shield me from the battle.

You can fit me in armor
And parade me with glamour.

You can arm me with swords
And place me beside lords.

You can mount me on a horse
And have me charge with force.

You can shower me with prayers
And gain grace from my maker.

You can do all these-
And I'll be strong as you wish.

But just one glimpse of you
And I have not more to do.

Nothing to do;
For now on, all I'd do is cherish you.

Jan Rheinold Amoyo
February 28, 2003

What I Can See

I'm staring at nothing-
At least I seem to be.
My eyes are drifting,
But only to where none can see.

I'm praying for something,
Something I cannot be.
Where hope is dazzling…
But only to where none can see.

The dark sky is empty;
Empty… vacuity-
Still I see, I see
But only to where none can see.

The warmth had gone.
Now; breeze is within me.
Weathered, torn-I'd soon abscond;
But only to where none can see.

I had left, yet still I see;
God! There was she;
I plead, make her see-
See, what only I can see.

Jan Rheinold Amoyo
February 24, 2003