Wednesday, September 28, 2005

An Encounter...

Beyond the clouds of hay,
Through the mist I wander.
No one else before has seen-
Of course, neither have I.
The sky dropped every trinket;
Falling through the blue, they flew.

Somehow afar the green,
Where every wish doesn't seem,
I cling… vines of grey hide me,
Purple perhaps-no-it doesn't matter.
Light won't shade my eyes on due-
And every tree, they shine on me.

Fields of red surround my eyes,
Tears won't come, won't hide, won't find…
Suddenly, lovely eyes gazed upon my misery;
Then, gentle hands helped me up-
Your eyes are bright as the ocean;
Your hands, tender as the sky.

You came at a time when fire is cold
And I've nothing more to hold.
When all flowers mean nothing,
Your presence is all I am.
And with this reason that you've made me smile-
I am yours to keep-forever.

Jan Rheinold Amoyo
December 18, 2003

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